Brass and Woodwind Servicing and Repair

Be assured that your precious instrument is in safe and capable hands.

Our wide customer base ranges from professional musicians, schools, to the general public.

Please feel free to ask for free no obligation quote and/or advice.

We operate from our well equipped premises/workshop at Evegate, Ashford. We offer:

  • Full instrument service, renovation and restoration if the instrument has life left
  • A three month guarantee on workmanship. Note we only use new parts for replacement.
  • To carry out all work within agreed costs and timescales
  • To carry out inspections and very minor repairs while-u-wait (but you must pre-book)
  • To carry out insurance work

Custom repair work, for example: making obsolete parts custom design key work hand made guards custom lacquer, gold or silver plate finishes custom slide work.

If you are interested in customising your instrument please contact our team for a discussion and free no obligation quote. Whatever you require, we will try to offer solutions to meet your needs. Just contact us now.

String Instrument Repairs and Servicing

This part of our offering is developing, particularly for the violin family of instruments.

Do telephone us, fill in the form on the contact page, or visit our Premises at Evegate to discuss how we can help you. Here are some examples of work that might need to be done on your instrument:

  • Bow: Re-hair, re-build and repair broken frogs and tips.
  • Sound post: Positioning or repairs to sound post cracks in the body.
  • Violin bodywork: Cracks and joint repairs.
  • Pegs: Slipping pegs, fitting new pegs and bridges.
  • Re-string: Including cleaning fingerboard.
  • Set up: Mini or full
  • Making: New nuts and bridges, saddles, body work in general.
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