FLUTE and CLARINET service: the guide price is £75.00 inc. VAT

This includes; remove all keys and mechanisms, clean and lubricate, remove minor dents, adjust flute tenon joints, check pads for condition and seating, replacing or re-seating up to two, replace corks as necessary for correcting pad height, double action or regulation, normally replacing felt with felt and cork with cork unless requested otherwise, regulate, re-assemble, test play and disinfect.

Additional pads, tenon corks, and head corks are priced at £6.00 inc. VAT. De-pinning to straighten rods, replacing parts other than pads, repairing broken tenon joints and major dent work is quoted on inspection.

Working order repairs and complete overhaul with all pads replaced are quoted on inspection.

SAXOPHONE servicing is quoted as required, but would start at approximately twice clarinet and flute repairs costs.

BASSOONS and OBOES are also on quote. Quotes for wooden instruments would also include repairs to the wood if necessary.

STRING INSTRUMENT repairs are quoted as these can vary enormously, depending on the work to be done and the type of instrument, for example a new bridge on a student violin would be £36.00 inc.VAT or on a professional violin £101.00 inc.VAT.

BOW REHAIRING is priced at £38.00 – £50.00 inc. VAT

BOW repairs are on quote.

For student bows it is normally cheaper to replace the bow rather than rehair or repair. A range of bows can be tried if replacing.

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