We offer a high quality and excellent service at affordable prices – no task is too small or too large.
We repair Brass, Woodwind and Stringed musical instruments as well as many others, just ask.  We also make violins, violas and cellos, for general sale or to special order.

In addition to repairing instruments, we make and sell tools, the workshop is set up with equipment for making specialist tools to your requirements.

We work for schools, bands and individuals. Although most of our trade is by word of mouth, we welcome internet enquiries, you can make enquiries and place instrument purchase, repair or tool orders through the contact page.

With our personal service approach, we can provide you with guidance to help meet your needs – within your budget.

Derek Himsley started repairing musical instruments in 2010

This is what he says:

I believe that music is the universal language. Until fairly recently I have only been a listener.

To be able to play music teaches us much about life and gives us so many attributes that enrich us for the rest of our lives. To play music needs dedication, the ability to deal with problems calmly and a confidence to be yourself in front of others. Playing in groups provides a distraction from day to day life and has a proven record of supporting a Childs’ educational progression.

Following a major change in my life, I am now taking a more active role. I have started (trying) to play the flute and my professional engineering background with an interest in musical instruments has led me to start repairing and making them.

I have studied at Merton College under Brian Watterson and Anton Bourdillon to repair brass and woodwind instruments and under Keith Graves for violin making and repair, which covers all bowed instruments and bow re-hair. I have experience in silversmithing and most art forms.

If and when I need assistance for whatever reason I have a team of repairers that I can call on. I fully recognise the important part in your life your instrument takes and I ensure that that all repairs are performed to my exacting standards.

During repairs it is sometimes found that a specialist tool or unavailable part is required. I have a workshop and the ability to make these.

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